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Reusable transparent facemask with HEPA filter

UCme is designed to bring an effective user-friendly and eco-friendly solution as a functional, economical and sustainable mask, and users can keep crucial facial communication in a fashionable manner.

Patent Pending: 202121656219.9

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Express words & emotions

Anti-fog visible window

Clear facial & verbal expression

  • Clear visibility with full articulations, gestures & facial expressions.

  • Speaking voice transmits directly to the filter outlet right in front of the mouth.


  • Anti-fog treatment on the clear cover avoid fogging on cover.

  • Spectacles-friendly.

Cater special needs

  • Hard of hearing and deaf communities.

  • News reports,teachers, healthcare workers, dentists, pastors, interpreters, retail sales, receptionists, waitresses...... etc.

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Reliable HEPA filtration

Grade H13 HEPA Filter + anti-microbial coating

> N95 protection

H13 HEPA filter blocks 99.95% of Maximum Penetration Size (MPPS) particles (300 nm).

= Surgical mask breathing area

O-shaped folding filter structure has a large total breathable area (

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The science of well-being

Customisable face straps + silicone body


Interchangeable with different colors and materials for all parts.


Hypoallergenic silicone mask does not irritate the skin.

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Reduce footprint

Replaceable HEPA filter

Replaceable HEPA filter

Provides 30-40 days of continuous protection.

Recyclable modules

Single material modules allow easy recycling.

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Patent Pending

Our unique structural design has officially filed an application for a patent to provide users with ultimate protection and expression.

Patent Pending 202121656219.9

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